Saturday, October 21, 2006


Shades of nature

send a celebration

Good things grow

wonderful words

Gladsome garden

Little layers plus

Simply said

Happy occasion
set 55

All I have seen.

Smile some more

Little Engine.

Bunch O' Bugs.
Once again a dragonfly is involved in my decision.

Just 'cause I like you.



I can see lots and lots of possiblities for this one.

seasons greetings

good times



I just like this one

Springtime Fun.
I like dragonflies so I bought this one

S is for super, Smiling, Samantha. On some days it may be for Sandy, San, Sandra, Sami, Sam, or any other s word I may come up with. ;)

M as for Monica, Mommy, Mother.


Monogram b

Soft swirls

Dots and Daisies

The wheel thing. Sami has her own littel red wheelborrow so I had to have this one for scrapbooking. I have used it twice at least

A light heart

polk a dot posies.
This one reminds me of Granny.

Wish you were here. I bought this one for the camera stamp. Imagine that.

Thoroughly thankful.
This is probably my favorite one right now. I can't explain why. I got it

Country Blessings
These leaves reminded me of the fall. The fun times had with Karen and the Kishes last week and I think i need them to scrapbook.

Think Big.
This one has te he word dream in it. So I had to have it.

perfect ending

gently falling

graceful words

God's way

lovely lady bugs

adoring hearts

Wings and things is the stampin round
winged things
Set 69