Thursday, May 28, 2009

थिस हस नोथिग्न तो दो वित्त स्टम्पिंग....

सो यू से थिस हस नोथिंग तो दो विथ स्टम्पिंग... यू माय बे वरोंग... थिस हस एवेर्य्थिंग तो दो विथ हाउ इ गेट तो थे कार्ड स्वप्स एटक... थिस इस माय न्यू जीप। वे अरे गोइंग तो बे तोगेथेर फॉ अ वैरी लॉन्ग टाइम।

Sunday, May 17, 2009

my card for the may card swap

This was my card swap from the 1970's theme swap. I used string art and fringe to make this design.

may card swap

I am not sure where this card came from it was in my bag when I got home last night. It is a pretty card thought.
THis was Gillian's card. Thank you for sending it to us. We sure missed you! This was a cool 70's card!

This one was Katherine's card. She used a brayer technique on the card.

may card swap

this is my interpetation of Julies card. this is a tea bag card. Each inside flap has a spot for a tea bag. This is a neat idea.

may card swap.

These are the cards I made not the usual cards that the "designer" made and brought for us to copy.

This is the inside of Tiffany's card
This is the outside of Tiffany's card.

may card swap the time consuming card.

oh but it was fun to make. Lots of little putting stuff together. i loved it really.

Friday, May 15, 2009

april's cardswap, the cards

So this is my card. I found it online, I wrote down the link, but now I can't find where I got the idea from... I will update it as soon as I figure out where I got the idea from.... I am pretty sure it came from one of the sites listed on the side of my blog. Ms Manners stamps, or I stamp. I wish I could rememember for sure I will keep looking I will find it again. My apologies for stealing and not remembering.
This is probably my favorite card of the month. I love the colors and the saying. This was Kim's card.

We used a water color technique on this card. It was really neat. I had never water colored before, but now I will try it again. This was Katherine's card. She always has the coolest cards.

We had a man's theme for the month. This is a neat little gift card holder. The undershirt pulls out and holds a gift card. It's really cool. This was Dee's card

I love the tie card and it was petty cool to make. This was Tiffany's card.

This house mouse stamp so reminds me of how I am after first break in the morning at work, except I have never sat on a desk with a computer on it before. This stamp came from Julie designed this card.

this card has some really neat texture... the bottom band is actually mettle meshing. I like it a lot. :) If I remember correctly this was Gillian's card.

this one was really cool too. We used the big shot floating die to cut out the shape. It also cut out and scored the card in the right spots. It was way way way cool. :) I really like that die... anyway, back to the card... why I stuck my fingers through the hole when I took the picture is beyond me. this is tracy's design. Sorry about the finger Tracy. :(

finally aprils card swap

The girls at the card swap...

you would think....

That since I am laid off and have been since the first part of May I would be getting something fun done. But no, I am sooooo busy doing other stuff that I haven't even made a card or pulled out a stamp. I just realized that I am supposed to have posted the pictures from our april card swap... OOOPPPPPSSS I will do that now... Maybe.... Photoshop is open, we will see if I get around to it. I was supposed to have edited easter pictures too, but goodness I'm just not into much of anything recently. I am loving spending time with Sami. I am spending time with my parents out in the yard. Sami and I go on a bike ride everyday. It is so nice. Today we went on two bike rides. The first one we got "stuck" talking to our favorite neighbors. It was a blast. I helped Jane with her facebook page, and talked to Clarence about everyday things. The second bike ride we got a little further down the road. :) We actually made it to the end of the road and were on our way back when my Aunt's granddaughter (my cousin) was in the front yard playing with their puppy. So Sami and I stopped and we flew an elmo kite, played with Max and I talked to My cousin, my Aunt, and my great Aunt. It was a nice way to spend the day. Of course, by then it was lunch time so I came home and cooked for mom and dad. Then I cleaned up the kitchen. After cleaning up the kitchen I put Sami down for her nap. While she was napping I did the whole job hunting thing. When she got up I did the whole oh my gosh my room is a horrible mess I have to get it cleaned up thing. So now my room is a horribler (not a word) mess and I am sitting here typing nonsense. :) oh well. I am going to go edit some pictures, if I can find them. Then I have to decide what I am going to make for my 70's card swap tomorrow. Thank God it is close. :)