Sunday, January 27, 2008

I am not really sure why I decided to make a white card. I did though. Actually I made two of them. This wrinkle paper was something new I had yet to try too.

This is card 3 for the week. I kindof like it. It says happiness on the white label and some of the dots say friend on them.
I am thinking about coloring the flowers in on this card. I would color them in cameo coral if I did color them, but I am still not sure.

Sami and I are making her Valentines cards together. I figured out that I use chocolate chip to much when Sami said to me, Mommy, I don't want to use chocolate chip again. Can we use a different color? I said, WHich one is chocolate chip. She pointed it right out to me. So we used a different color.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

So I didn't exactly do what I wanted to do today. I did do something though. I used three stamp sets that I don't recall ever using before. I used Daisy, Bug Builders and Simply Said. I used two background stamps which is something I dn't usually do also. I decided that I like always artichoke, and chocolate chip. I tend to use groovy guava a lot too.

I have not been making many cards this last week. Mom and I have been working out every day. It has been fun. Lots and lots of fun actually, but i have been scrapbooking. I have successfully finishes 3 albums. Two are basically the same. They are of my trip I took to DC this summer with my sister. One for her and one for our family here. The second is of the small christmas trip I took to See Karen in Kansas City the weekend before christmas. Yes the weekend that they had 5 in of snow. Not fun! But anyway the trip was nice. Even the run in the snow to the shop to get the christmas gift that The store didn't have. I Made my fist 8x8 album. It was actually hard for me to do. I am used to getting 5-10 picts on a page. I could only get 2-5 on a page. I got it done though. I don't do a lot of embelishments in my albums. A few stickers, lots of stickers and a lot of journaling. I love journaling. If I could only write, I would be a writer. I want to make a few more cards today, I would like to use my on Gossmer wings set. I think it is my fave set. I am not sure I am going to get done with my stuff the boss lady is telling me i have to do today on time though.

Wednesday, January 02, 2008

My new years eve, and New years day was spent making cards. I want to make my Grandma a set of cards for her birthday or mother's day. She is always coming over to our house for some occasion. When she is here she wants me to make a card for some reason or another. I am usually busy when she wants me to do this and it usually hurts her feelings because I tell her no. If I have a card made, I will give it to her but if I don't I don't have time to go make her one. So I am making her a bag, if I remember, buying her a white gel pen, and giving her an address book and a few cards for her birthday. (stamps too) then For mother's day, I am going to give her more cards, and for christmas she gets more cards. :) Thef ollowing two posts are the cards I made for her. I made a set for her and for myself. They are not exactly alike but my cards are my favorite so they are the ones posted. :

New years eve 2007