Sunday, October 26, 2008

sunday's project.

Today I really didn't get a lot accomplished, I straightened my room, cleaned the restroom, filled out my rak cards decided what to do for the inside of the christmas cards and made this little notebook. I plan on using this one at work. It says, "how wonderful it is that nobody need to wait a single moment before starting to improve the world. anne Frank." THe saying is from the sage advise stamp set. So is the flower. I took the picture of it with my new cell phone. let me know your opinion of the picture quality please.

what is it about snowmen?

It seems like every snowman stamp out there is cuter than the last one I just saw. Every snowman card I need to make on just like it, and I don't want to mail it. I want to keep them in my "special card" place. The one for my bestest of best friends. (really they are just for me, but please don't tell the whole world) So what is it that draws me to snowmen like that cause truth be told I don't need any more snowmen in my life. (I really want a warm cuddly man, but that is a whole nother story.....)

I will post a card later today or something I promise.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

my actual christmas card 4 2008

This is the card I got the idea from. I found it on Splitcoast stampers Under cold play... Here is the original idea.

This is how many little squares I have to cut out still. This is my actual card I plan on sending.
This was the original version of the card, before I decided it needed more contrast.

Whatever made me decide that I wanted to work this hard on a christmas card is beyond me. I am still cutting out triangles. I had to take a break. That is why all of this posting is getting done. So far I have not stamped on the card. I think the inside is going to say "may your holidays be stitched with happiness" from the handstiched holidays stamp set. I am not really sure thought.
sweet dreams

big book

This is the book I made for Sami. It is more geared for a 4 yr old. The other one is soft. This one is stiff.

this is the small book

I also made a few books out of material for my neice and daughter. If you are interested in one for a christmas gift let me know I do make them to sell.

christmas gift tags.

So I decided to make tags for our christmas gifts this year. My tags are embossed and stamped with Snowflakes. They are the smaller tags. Mom's tags are a mixture of hand stiched holidays and Flakey friends. I make us each about 50. Sami is helping me make some for her too. Hers are coming from Snowy play, when we get them done I will post them. I originally thought I would make them from navy blue so I cut out a bunch of navy tags, then changed my mind and recut them in white... It made for a long long process


snowflake card

Then I decided I wanted a snowflake christmas, so I was going to make this card for my christmas card. I burned my fingers and decided against that really fast. I think the stamp set is snowflakes but I can't find it or see it in my stamp index. I will have to look further into it ...

Did I mention that I got a new heat embosser and I like it a lot?

I made something like ten cards with this thing the first day I got it. Basically they were all the same, just From the garden stamped in versa mark, and heat embossed with either Silver or bridal.

my dragonfly card

This is one of the few stamps I have ever used that has not been stampin up. I have a thing for dragonflies. They are just sooooo neat. I believe this stamp was a gift to me from my cousin for my 30th birthday. That has been three years and 5 months if you must know. :) This is the first time I have used. it. This was stamped on Stampin up paper.

I made this card and one almost identical to it back in Sept. I gave the other one that said Hello (from simply circles) on it instead of blessed to my parents for their 37th anniversary.
I got a new heat embossing tool the other day. I used natures wonders for the stamp. I stamped it with versa mark and sprinkled it with bridal powder. I heated it up after that and enjoyed the card. It's long been mailed. :)

my apologies....

To those of you who followed my blog, I am terribly sorry. I have not kept up. I have made feeble attempts at keeping up, but somehow life just got away from me... So today, I am giving you multiple posts..... :) Hope you enjoy.
Sami and I made this card... We used Sassy stems for the stamp, I colored it with my stampin up blender pens.