Saturday, February 28, 2009

my day?

I had a wonderful day today. It all started last night with a sleep over. Sami and I slept over in the basement floor and we had a great time. We got up this morning around 10:30 am. She got dressed and went to see her Mema. I showered and headed to a card swap. I spent the day making cards with 11 wonderful ladies. It was so much fun. I couldn't believe it when someone one said it was 4:30 already. After the ladies left, I hung out with my friend Julie for awhile. It is so wonderful to have friends that live close and share the same hobbies. I bought some wonderful stuff from I took a picture of all of it, but it is sideways. When I left Julies I went back home and spent about an hour with my mom. Doing laundary etc... then I went to a trivia night fund raiser for my sister in law and now I am home in bed .

sweet dreams


my card for the Feb Swap

Feb. Card swap

possibly my favorite card for the card swap.

This is pink card goes with the pop up card that is further down the line. I can't get them together for some reason.

The inside of this card says, "get lots of rest drink fluids eat cereal!"

The inside of the pop up card.

My mom already stole my chocolate out of this one :) I knew she would when I picked the dark chocolate to go inside of it.

I totally missed making this card. I thought it was adorable too. Oh well.
I think the inside said, "it was the worst ten minutes of my life" or something like that.

Samantha's Valentines day cards.

The back of Sami's cards. She helped me make. The green "leaves" say Love Samantha.
The front of the cards.

Sami making me a card just for me.

Samantha helping me make her valentines day cards... Eating most of the suckers. :)

Saturday, February 07, 2009

I found a web site that I adore...

It has so many cute things on it. For stamping, for sewing for chrochetting. It has some really cute stuff on it. Now I am off to make 20 valentines day cards for Sami's library school party Wed. Wish I could go with her. Oh well.

Friday, February 06, 2009

Monday Challenge?

My friend on face book gave us a monday challenge to make a card using chocolate chip. I didn't make a card. Although, I love chocolate chip and using it to make cards, I made a notebook. The picture is of my daughter. It was taken on or about Jan 13. I used chocolate chip for the book cover, I believe pumpkin pie for the accents. I also used Doodle that for the background stamp. I used Versa mark to stamp it with. The pen holder is made from elastic I found in my mom's sewing room. SHHHHHH don't tell. :) Hope you enjoy. I also made a 50th ann. card yesterday out of blues and gold. It didn't get it's picture taken though before it got used. I will have to try to duplicate it.