Sunday, May 18, 2008

I won a pay it forward a few weeks ago. I was wondering when

I was going to get the stuff. Yesterday, my mom says did you get that box that came in the mail for you the other day? I said no what box? She said, I don't know it came the day your Uncle was here. I said no I haven't gotten anything for awhile. So after much digging, we found the box. In it was my PIF gift. I love it. It is so amazing! Not only is the gift a great gift, but I love the card also. Thank you I realized belatedly that I should have kept your address to send you a thank you card. I am so sorry it took such a long time to thank you, but I truly do love it. It will match my new stamp room perfectly.

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Michelle said...

Hi Sandy

I am glad to you received my package & than found it again!

I hope everything shipped OK & that nothing was falling off or ruined during transport.

Take care.