Sunday, June 15, 2008

I made this little notebook for myself. It was really really easy. I may trim the ribbon a little more, but other wise I am thinking it is a great project.

I cannot seem to get everything back into my desk that came out of it. Hopefully tomorrow the guys will put up my shelves so I can reorganize things. :) I am thinking of making these little notebooks to sell to raise money for autism. It takes me about 5 to 10 min apiece and one sheet of paper if I don't go into as much detail as I did here. If you know of any other really cute really fast projects please let me know. Is getting ready to celebrate 50,000 hits. Check her site out.

Sweet dreams

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Hilmarose said...

Sandy... Thank you for the comment on my blog. and for linking it in your post :)
I have to tell you that MOST of the hits I have got were from when I was giving away digital scrapbook templates on my blog... I used to do it daily, then when I started a yahoo group the hits slowed down... way down. Now that I am doing cards and altered items they are slowly coming back.
Just keep on keeping on! Now that I have found your blog I have subscribed thru bloglines... I may not comment every time but I will read every post.
Again, thank you for the visit!