Tuesday, June 10, 2008

This is my desk with the top rolled up. I put my stamp pads and refills back in the desk along with the 48 cards I am making for my friends baby announcements.
This is the drawer of scraps of paper, large stickers, and templates. I figure they will be totally scattered if Sami sees them.
This is tub one of the stuff I took out of my desk.
This sat on the CPU shelf under the desk.
The rest of this stuff all came out of the desk somehow. Not really sure how I had room to stamp in the desk, but I did it somehow.
My desk is a source of "pride" in my life. I have always wanted a nice roll top desk for as long as I could remember. I have always said think of all the stuff I could hide in one of those desks if I had one.... Well I was right about one thing I can hide a lot of stuff in one. I finally finished my scrapbook room and so I cleaned out my desk so I could move it into the room. WOW. I have a lot of stuff. And that isn't near all of it. That is only the stampin up stuff not the creative memories or random things I have bought over the years. :) It is amazing, anyway my room is done, and I am waiting on my dad to recover from minor surgery so I can move the desk from the basement to my room. I'm thinkin maybe I need to call some guys over to help him. ;) anyway. This is the current state of my stamp life. Hopefully soon it will get fixed up again. I need some serious stress relief.
sweet dreams

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