Sunday, August 09, 2009

my work area tonight.

I cannot figure out how in the world I got anything done tonight. I ran upstairs to talk to dad for a minute and when I came back down this is what my table looked like. Since I childless tonight I can't blame it on anyone but me. I have been highly productive though. I made a card. A useless project. I started putting together christmas presents. Didn't finish them cause all of the projects I am making to go in them are not done. I finished a couple of recipe cards. I cut out the paper for three more sets of cards that are not even started. Taped one set of cards together. taped another set of cards together and made ribbons for them. Then I was talkin to mom and we she told me one of my recipe cards needed something on it, so I designed a way to make that, Dad just has to finish creating it for me ( he won't let me use his saw). I still have the energy to do more, but I would like to get up tomorrow so I think I will stop now and try to sleep.

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