Thursday, August 20, 2009

finished christmas gifts....

I have now completely finished two books for christmas. I am in need of 59 more cards to completely fill my christmas albums up. I am so excited. I ordered my stamp set today to start on christmas cards. I only have maybe a hundred christmas stamp sets but would I want to use them Uh nooooooo. I had to have a cardinal christmas. I am sooooo excited to get it. I hope all the stamp club girls hurry so I can get it soon. I am trying to decide what to use for labels this year. No one really notices but I make it a point to cordinate all of my gift labels with my christmas cards. I'm just not feeling the label with this set. Maybe something will come to me soon. If not I'll just use red paper and go from there. I'm so excited about christmas already. I have been working on it since last Jan. Yeah I know i'm a dork but hey. Anyway I have to run now.

Don't forget if you make a donation to my Walk Now for Autism team I will send you a gift! there is a link on the side of my page.
Sweet dreams.

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