Monday, August 17, 2009

2009 Christmas gifts.

I bet you all can guess what this is.... I got these 6x6 photo albums for less than a buck at archivers a few weekends ago. They are perfect for the recipe swaps I am making. I have considered altering the albums but then I am afraid they will not be kitchen worthy. I still have to consider that option. This one is so close to being full. I can get 22 recipies in them. I have 20 in this one. If I decide to put a recipe inside the front cover I will need two more cards to fill it up. I just found out that two of the swaps I have already sent off to got cancelled so I am going to have to work harder to fill them up. What a bumb deal. I'll have to see what happens... Anyway I have 100 6x6 recipe cards made total. I need 198. I should be able to finish well before christmas.

This will be my first completed christmas gift. But i need to complete two more pages first.

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