Saturday, April 19, 2008

I seriously have not even touched my stamps for weeks. Goodness it has been almost a month since I have had any fun in my stamp desk. I have however finished the outside walls for my new stamp room, ran the electric, put up the drywall, installed the furnace/a/c, and bought the pink paint to paint the walls. (really I had a lot of help, i mostly cook lunch for the guys who do most of the work.) Right now I cannot even get to my stamp desk because plywood is piled up in front of it so deep. Tomorrow I am supposed to insulate my ceiling, and start hanging the drop ceiling, I will actually be able to help with that part of it. I also redesigned my scissor markers. I think I made them a lot better. We shall see though. I wish I had something nice and encouraging to post on here, but honestly I don't.
Sweet dreams

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Michelle said...

Hi Sandy

I need you to email me your mailing address for your blog candy.