Thursday, April 24, 2008

This roll top desk (which I think is awsome) is my previous stamp room. I stored a few cherished stamps in it. The rest of my stamps are two floors up, so Stamping for me has always been an excercise. If you look out the doorway, (ignore the junk please) You will see the new addition to the house. It is my stamp room and then through the second doorway you see my beedroom. We have been working on this for what seems like forever now. I am thankful that we have come this far. The last few weeks it seems to have come together much more quickly. Our contractor has a very good friend of ours dying so it is back to going slow again. I am thankful that the contractor is working on something so unimportant that he can take the time to spend with his close friend. He is a wonderful man to have working always happy and telling jokes or whatever needs to be done. He has even helped us fix things that have gone wrong with the original part of the house.
You would not think that a few pieces of plywood would be so difficult to move, but then they are in Dad and Marty's way and they are doing quite a bit of walking through there. So I spend my down time (I'm laid off for a week) hunting for neat things others have done, making new recipies, and playing with the princess. It is quite fun.
Sweet Dreams
p.s. There is a pay it forward a few posts down. It ends tomorrow. You would have a good chance of winning, So far only one person has signed up.

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